16 November, Qatar: Carmatec is now a strategic partner to Ministry of Transport and Communications (“MoTC”), Qatar for the Qatar government’s Digital Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (“DTSME”) program. The DTSME program has been initiated by the Qatar government towards the fulfillment of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Carmatec recently got listed among the DTSME vendors by MoTC, Qatar. Mr. Aromal Rajagopal, the founder & CEO, Carmatec Group will act as an advisor to the Qatar government’s policy-making panel for the E-commerce & Online Retail Market-place. As a part of this initiative, a Digital Transformation for SMEs workshop on ‘Why e-commerce is the way to go forward’ was organized by MoTC on November 16th, 2017 which was conducted by Mr. Aromal Rajagopal, where he shared his insight into the latest trends in e-commerce and how the SMEs can leverage those for their growth in the Qatar and Middle East Markets.

As a step towards the achievement of the National Vision Qatar 2030, the Ministry of Transport and Communications have started their initiative Digital Transformation of the Small & Medium Enterprises. The most prominent and recognized vendors in the Digital Transformation market-place have been listed by them as their DTSME Vendors and Carmatec has also been listed as one among these vendors. The founder and CEO of Carmatec Group, Mr. Aromal Rajagopal delivered a digital transformation workshop as a part of this initiative, covering the topics related to ‘Why e-commerce is the way to go forward’. This workshop was organized by MoTC on November 16th, 2017 and well received by a focused audience of small and medium enterprises.

Mr. Aromal Rajagopal is looking forward to make meaningful contribution towards helping the SMEs in Qatar transform their businesses digitally and achieve remarkable digital presence with effective marketing practices. He stated, “This is a great milestone and recognition of Carmatec’s work in Qatar which is something that Carmatec takes pride in. Being a strategic partner to MoTC comes with a great responsibility and Carmatec will strive to live up to it.”

About Carmatec

Started in 2003 with its initial offering of technical support services to US & Europe based datacentres and hosting companies, Carmatec Inc now offers full-stack tech-business solutions to its global audience. Focused on delivering “Digital Transformation Solutions for SMBs”, Carmatec engineers a comprehensive, flexible spectrum of IT services and intelligent business solutions utilizing pioneering Information Technology that enables an enhanced end to end level of visibility. The organization has rolled out a host of value-added products and consummate services delivering premium value to customers by creating innovative solutions, including those in Software Development, Managed IT, Cloud Consulting, Internet Marketing and Enterprise Solutions.

About MoTC

MoTC, Qatar is aimed at the sustainable development of Qatar in all its aspects, whether human, economic or social while keeping its focus in the areas of transportation and communication which play a vital role in all areas of the modern-day life. The establishment of the Ministry of Transport and Communications is an expression of the goals that we all seek for our State in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The Ministry confirms its commitment to hard and diligent work through projects and programs that aim to build a land, maritime and aviation transportation system founded on the latest technologies and best practices in the sector.The Ministry also performs a critical and far-reaching role in overseeing the development of the information and communications technology sector to make it more vibrant and advanced, and in creating a diversified economy that will benefit all the people of Qatar, as well as developing e-government programs and boosting capacity and digital literacy to foster a technology-friendly environment that introduces innovative approaches to how we communicate, live and work.


Ministry of Transport and Communications has started Digital Transformation for Small and Medium Enterprises program with the mission to promote digital innovation, competitiveness and growth of SMEs through end-to -end digital transformation of their value chain in areas such as web enablement, e-commerce and cloud, supported by an ecosystem of technology & funding enablers. The SMEs benefit from the program by optimizing their business model through digital solutions, getting better access to digital services to meet the explicit and latent needs of their customers, increasing their awareness about benefits of digital transformation, increasing their knowledge and awareness about digital solutions, enabling digital partnerships with technology, funding enablers and the government, enhancing the digital economy of Qatar, leading to increased investments and GDP growth.

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