Search Engine Optimization, also abbreviated as SEO is basically about the content ( in the form of text, videos or images ) on the website. This content helps us to rank in the Search Engine and attract visitors and useful leads from them.

Search Engine Optimization is basically making and representing website in such a way that Search Engine bits can easily rank them. SEO results in free traffic coming to the website without doing any paid advertisement.

There are basically 2 parameters impacting SEO

1. Internal Parameters : These parameters are completely under webmaster’s control.

2. External Parameters : These parameters may or may not be in webmaster’s control.

Internal Parameters

There are 3 main internal elements that we can create and we have control on :

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Meta Elements
  • Website Architecture

1.1 Content

It has always been said that “Content is King”. There are many Components of Great Content like Quality, Headings and Subheadings  and Grammatical Errors. Yes Google considers Grammatical errors too.

Keyword Research : A lot of research has to be done on the keywords you are going to target and quality resources that are available online. Keyword Research helps to know about the search volume and the competition that is available for the keyword. Proper keyword defines the success of our business. Keyword Research can be done through Google Keyword Planner.

Freshness of the Content is also a Parameter

1.2 HTML & Meta Information : This section is more for search engines and also play a great role in the rank  of a web page. The parameters affecting are :

1.2.1 Page Titles : It describes what the web page is all about. It is the first thing that visitor comes across. It helps to attract the visitors and play a great role in impacting Click through Rate. The Page Title should have the focused the keyword in it. It helps as when the user see the keyword in the title, he / she is more likely to click to that page.  Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag

1.3 The Meta Description : Meta Description is the part of the web page that is shown in Search Results. After the title, it is the most important part of any web page as the content in this is the brief summary of the overall web page. When the meta- description is written properly with focused keyword, there is improvement in the SERP of the page as well as CTR.

Headers : Headings on the page describes various sections on what the article or the content is talking about. Including the keywords wherever possible helps to increase the relevancy.

1.4 Structured Data : In simple language, Structured Data helps Search Engines to know in a very systematically way what the web page is all about. Most of the webmasters are not aware of the power of the Structured Data and ignore this powerful feature. It has specific variables and search engines easily to come to know what the web page is all about.

1.5 Website Architecture : Website should be built keeping user in mind. The overall user experience of the website with the user should be good. Search engines see how the users behaves with the website. Websites with better user experience gains higher ranks.

Also the sitemaps and the link structures should be clear so that Search Engine bots can easily crawl the website pages and rank them.

1.5.1 Page Speed:

A website which has a fast loading pages, definitely will keep more visitors on the website for long time. The speed at which page loads is also one of the many Google Ranking Parameters. Google has prepared a tool to check for Page Speed. Click here to use Google’s Page Speed Tool

1.5.2 URL : Search Engines don’t like complicated URL’s . They prefer a clean and short URL. If the keyword is included in the URL, it may give a boost to the website ranking as it may help visitors and bots to know about the content of the website.

1.5.3 Mobile : This era is of mobile. Users are switching to mobile phones. With more people visiting via smartphones and tablets, it has become essential to have a mobile friendly website.Google has made a tool to check for the website’s mobile friendliness. Click here to check if your website is mobile friendly or not!

External Parameters

2.1 Backlinks :

Backlinks in general term can be considered as the votes given by the other webmasters to our websites. More the number of quality backlinks, the better ranks our website may get. Quality is more important over quantity when it comes to backlinks. Google always prefers high quality backlinks.

2.2 Social Signals : It is the most controversial factor. Some of the SEO Analysts think that it is not a ranking signal but there are many who also think that Social Shares are very strong signals from SEO point of view.  

2.3 Geographical Data of Website Visitors : Google is giving more emphasis on local results. So if a website is located in the same country as the person is searching from, more chances are there that his website will appear rather than website from other country.

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