A survey is nothing but a questionnaire that aims to collect the opinion of the target audience. This may be about a program being organized or about a product the company is planning to launch. This is a process of collecting data by gathering opinions from a group of selected people so that it would be matching with the responses that would be given by each respondent of the entire population.
An online survey can be completed by filling the web form. These web forms are generally we based. There are many other ways of doing surveys.These web based surveys constitute of three aspects mainly:

  • The online web forms creation
  • The database to store the reply from the respondents
  • An analytical tool to display the statistics of the results of the survey

Surveys are conducted for many purposes. Some of them are mainly for collecting feedback and few are for fetching some facts.

Designing a Questionnaire:
The main requisite of any questionnaire is a proper design, through which accurate information can be collected. Here are the main concepts for designing a questionnaire:

  1. The questionnaire should be mainly focused on the objective of the survey. It should be kept precise and should be able to reach the audience without any jargon.
  2. The questionnaire should not lead to any kind of interpretations or assumptions by the respondents.
  3. Questions should always be precise so that avoid respondents to fatigue or give up responding to the questionnaire.
  4. When the survey is regarding any event, then the respondent’s remembrance of that event matters most.
  5. A reminder mail needs to be sent to the people, those who have not responded.
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