Case Study

 Business Requirement

The client’s aim was to provide an online portal for the residential apartments to manage the daily maintenance requests/tickets .The Web Portal will allow individual apartment buildings to sign up for in order to streamline their day to day workflow as well as CRM (Client Relationship Management).


Web Portal Development Features

  • Workflow automation with updates that are fully audited (tracked history).
  • Centralized Calendar for move in – move out schedule.
  • Centralized announcements for all participants.
  • Centralized CRM for Tenants, Staff and Vendors.
  • Immediate emails/newsletters to individuals, floor managers, all tenants, vendors staff etc.
  • Ticketing system to streamline all communication between tenants and staff.
  • Vendor management for outsourced work.
  • Inline ajax-based editing for all CRUDS.


Carmatec was chosen as the development partner for this application due to the technical expertise and years of experience in building web-apps and community portals. Carmatec developed the application as a crisp, easy-to-use service portal for apartment owners and tenants.

ClientInternet Company, UK  
Man hours spent – 550+ hours

  • Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.2.13, html/css/js, Postgresql.
  • Gems – carrierwave, jquery-datatables-rails, cancan, devise, devise_invitable, fullcalendar-rails, audited-activerecord, client_side_validations, best_in_place.

Client details are protected under strict NDA and, therefore we do not disclose such information. However, we can provide references once you make an enquiry.

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