Case Study

Business Requirement

Client required a control panel that allow users to order hosting plans based on actual usage rather than prior billing. The purpose of the system was for users to complete their entire order processing functionality from start to finish within 5 minutes. It also required integration with WHMCS to automate all the invoicing and pricing operations.

Client – Hosting Company
Man hours spent – 2542 hours

Solution Offered

Carmatec’s PHP Team built the open stack platform using integration with OpenStack API’s so that this application met the need of the client. Creation of the user and their billing information was updated into WHMCs through API’s. The integration with Compute exposed the existing packages, Nova the existing availability zone, Glance the available images. Integration with Open Stack’s Ceilometer component enabled continuous metering of usage to allow appropriate invoice generation.

Modules offered to users via Custom OpenStack Control Panel

Create VPS

Involves creating an instance on multi region OpenStack, and allocating an IP for it.

Manage Existing VPS

Involves functionality like reboot, destroy, rename.

Localization Support

The Rocket Cloud system is completely bilingual offering all features in English and Japanese based on IP where it is accessed from.

Upgrade VPS

Upgrade to advanced VPS plans


Manage your VPS backups

Usage Statistics

Easy visual statistical information to manage the resources

Manage Access Control

Manage access control via SSH keys

DNS Management

Manage domain name dns records associated with VPS


Get control of your account via API keys

Automated Support

Involves complete integration with ticketing in WHMCS. All scenarios where any unexpected failures occur, support tickets are automatically raised.

Billing Information

Based on usage statistics obtained through API integration with ceilometer and the associated cost through API integration with WHMCS, invoices are calculated. Auto-generation of invoices, auto suspension of account on defaulting are some of the critical areas handled.

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