Case Study

Business Requirement

Client required a SaaS based education voucher management system(EVMS) that allowed them to offer different solutions to different schools based on their need. The purpose of the system was for schools to manage and to track payment for scholarship vouchers that are awarded by corporates to their employees for education of their wards. It also has detailed dashboards that keeps the school management or concerned department updated about the status of students, vouchers and invoices. Client also required detailed dashboards that keeps the management updated about the status of schools, their invoices and their expiry and renewal.

The EVMS system offers the following modules to schools

  • Grade and Fee Setup.
  • Student Management.
  • Company Management
  • Vouchers and Invoice Module.
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Report Writer
  • User Management

Solution Offered

Carmatec’s PHP Team built the EVMS platform in a SaaS based model so that this application met the need of the client. It has the added feature wherein the proprietary data of each school can be hosted on a separate database so that the data security is maintained. It has flexible model where individual schools can choose to host on a shared server or an education group can host the application on a dedicated server for all their schools.

Client – Education Consulting Company
Man hours spent – 1883 hours

The EVMS system offers the following modules to client for managing schools

  • School Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Registration Setup and Promotions
  • Registration
  • Report Writer

The EVMS system is completely bilingual offering all features in English and Arabic based on the need of the school.

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